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Shop With Ease

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Shop With Ease

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How Do I Place An Order?

  Shopping on Hypacart is very easy!  Just follow the steps below:

  1. Search for your preferred products under the products category of “Gadgets and Utensils”, ” fashion”, “Electronics” and among others.
  2. Click on the product and when it opens click on “Add to Cart” on your screen.
  3. After uploading it to your cart, move to the top right corner of the website and click on your cart which has the sign of a bag.
  4. On your cart page you see all the products you want to buy and make sure you double check if that’s all the product you are ordering. You can increase the quantity for each item on the Cart page. If you are convinced of what you have seen then proceed to filling in your order form by clicking on “Proceed to Checkout”
  5. Fill in your details and then select the option that you have fully agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. After that follow the revealed procedure on the page to make payment of the product through mobile money.
  7. Once your order is complete, we will automatically receive an email. We would call you for confirmation. Please note that the confirmation call is a mandatory step before we fulfil your order so make sure you provide a correct and accurate information when filling your order forms.
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